Sonntag, 19. November 2017

Preparing for Sicily in December

Yesterday, I went to my favorite Map-store in Frankfurt "Landkarten Schwarz". I bought the Marco Polo Map Sicily in 1:200.000.
The first step - buying the map!
From the whole selection of 5 different Sicily maps, I liked the print here most. The detail is much higher then the detail from the Reise-Know-How map which that are normally my favorites.
Print of the Marco Polo Map

The whole Island is displayed on one page. That makes overview planning much easier. The backside is, the map is more bulky ad it will be harder to fit it into the map holder of the handlebar bag.

One day later, I started planning. The trip around the Island will be about 1.000km. This will be around two weeks.
First rough plan
Next: Organizing the transport for my bicycle and me. I checked the flight. In December, there is way less flights than in the summer month. I managed to get decent flights: a flight in the morning with one stop on the way to Palermo and a direct flight on the way back. Just a little late. I will arrive 8pm in Frankfurt, but the alternatives would have been much more expensive.

Flight ticket to Frankfurt - Palermo (incl. bicycle)
The start will be 12/15/2017. Return at 12/30/2017.

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