Freitag, 15. Dezember 2017

Arrived on Sicily

Today, Palermo was only two hops away from my hometown Frankfurt. About 30 Minutes to Munich and another 2 hours to the Island in the very South of Europe.

To prepare myself, I watched The Godfather on my iPad on the second flight.
The well-rounded Sicilian woman next to me took notice but seem to like it. Maybe she liked the actor who plays Al Pacino a little. 

Inspite of my last experiance in Madrid, my bike and the luggage arrived in time an in good condition. A nice woman in the baggage-claim area even asked me if I would like to reuse my big bike-box on the flight back. 

I am really curious if the box is still there when I am nach in two weeks.
[Update after the tour: The box was still there when I flew home - thank you]

After assembling my bike, I was ready to go. It was a sunny day with som heavy wind in my face, but sunny. So I enjoyed my first day in Sicily.  

Sind and mountains. I am lucky

The wind is blowing in my face

I rode till dawn, which is at 16:45 here - no joke

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