Samstag, 23. Dezember 2017

Sun in Sicily

After a good breakfast, I crossed Piazza del Duomo again. In the morning, the light shines from the East and that opens up new perspectives for the hobby photographer.

The elephant in the sun

North, direction Medina. I could have reached the town today, but I have plenty of time left for this trip, I am not so much into break-days at the moment. The result is shorter days or better, more breaks.

Checking the route with a nice cappuccino

Not much headwind let me enjoy the ride today. Turning my head right, I see the sea

 The Mediterranean 

Turning it left:

Mt. Etna next to lemontrees

I ended up in Taormina, a beautiful city with great views.

 Sunset at Piazza IX Aprie

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  1. Hmm, also nix mit Ätna. Na ja, wo auch immer Du heute Abend sein wirst, ich wünsche Dir einen schönen Weihnachtsabend.