Mittwoch, 27. Dezember 2017

Into the dark

The day was planned to be short. Out of the Gate of my Guesthouse and onto the road.

Only 55km to Cefalù was the plan.

But was not even 2pm, so rode on. The weather was ok, just headwind and big clouds. 

I made it to Termini Imerese, but the Hotel, I booked seem to not like the bicyclist, thy wanted 5€ to store the bicycle. There was some kind of bad vibrations that made me go away (the owner screamed that he will call the police (don‘t know why). By the time, I went back on the street, it was already dark . 

The Schmidt-Family light system (SON28 and Edellux II) is incredible effective

I continued a little further and found a nice boutique Hotel. Double the price, but once in a while the right thing to do.

My luxurious place for the night: Hoel Tonnara Trabia

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