Montag, 18. Dezember 2017

Temple, mud and sun

Today, I came through Agrigente. It is known for La Valle dei Templi, an important place with lots of greek pillars. I tried to let my bike at some guards to visiting the site safely, but was not successful in the negotiation with the security. So, I look at the buildings form the outside which may not be the worst choice.

The Concordia temple

I saw the sun nearly the whole day, the temperature demanded for a long shirt. Short before noon, I decided to take a little road, that seems to be interesting. It turned out to be a dead end. At least got a normal person. My problem (sometimes) is, that when I have choosen a route, I do not like to turn back and reuse that road in the other direction. About that, I am stubborn. My result today lead me to cross a muddy creek and made my freshly washed t-shirt unclean. 

... turning back is for wimps...

The shirt needs to be re-washed 

I made it before darkness to aGela. 

Another late ride

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